Fair Board Meeting

Sanilac County Fairboard Mtg Monday October 27th @ 7:00pm at the Sanilac County 4-H Fairgrounds

2015 Fair Dates

Save the date the 2015 Sanilac County 4-H Fair dates have been set August 16-22, 2015.

Fairboard Meeting

Sanilac County 4-H Fairboard mtg Monday September 29th @ 7:00pm at the Fairgrounds

DeWayne Spaw

This is DeWayne Spaw sayin’ y’all come see me tonight at 6:30 pm in the Grandstands and again during the intermission of the Demolition Derby!!



Another GREAT display of TEAMWORK at the fair, kids working together to learn how to show other animals. Come out tomorrow and watch the kids doing Sweepstakes Showmanship! It Is the show down of the Best of the Best!

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Sale Day

Sale day at the Sanilac County 4-H Fair. Come out and support the kids!!



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4H Teen Shack

Stop by the Teen Shack for breakfast, lunch or to grab a snack this week.

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Dog Show

Check out all the kids having fun showing at the Dog Show. Come to the Fair on Thursday starting at 10am in the grandstands to see them perform in the agility portion.

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When visiting the fair this week stop and check out the new addition on the small animal barn. Another great example of teamwork by our Small Animal clubs and families.

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